There are a handful of things to get used to with orthodontics, be it braces or Invisalign.  And I knew I was a coffee sipper, particularly on the way to work.  It has been a tad bit annoying to gulp my coffee, since it’s not recommended to drink anything but water while the aligners are in the mouth.  I tried drinking it quickly in the morning, but… it’s a little hot! 🙂

Invisalign has incorporated a type of ledge at the top of the aligner, and it’s taken some adjustment to my lip.   Here are two pictures: one from the lip side and one from the enamel side.

Helpful hint: don’t need a Band-aid on the finger you use to remove the aligners… it’s throwing off my game! 🙂

I’m also not sure if I should tell people I’m in Invisalign or retainers, or just let them figure it out at this point….  Invisalign seemed a little easier than putting brackets on  myself!!

Rubber bands are next!

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